This is how to locate multiple missing photos in Lightroom 3

I thought I would share this simple answer with all photographer and Lightroom3 users after spending an hour or two trying to find my missing wedding photos. I had changed the location of my original photos by moving them form my computers hard drive to an external hard drive, when I went to edit them further in Lightroom they where all missing and I panicked!

There are two ways you can resolve this, the first is for single photographs which is very easy and the second for multiple photographs. I am a wedding photographer so when I thought I had lost all my 450 edited photos I did rather panic although all is restored after I worked out how to simply link the photos with their original folders.

How to locate single missing photo in Lightroom3

  1. First step is to go into your Library, then select ‘Library’ from the tool bar >; scroll down the list to ‘Find Missing Photos’ this will display your missing files in the Grid view below.
  2. Next to each photo you will see a small logo click on this ‘Photo Is Missing’ icon. Now a dialog box will open and will display the previous location of the now missing photo.
  3. Nearly there don’t worry! Now it will provide you with the option to ‘Locate’ click the ‘Locate button’. Now you finder window will pop up and you must navigate to where the photo is currently located (basically to where you have now moved it) now click Select or double click on the photos original file.
  4. At the bottom of this pop up window you will see an option to ‘Find Nearby Missing Photos’ this will have Lightroom search for other missing photos in the folder and reconnect them. Although this did not seem to work when I used it for my 450 missing photos. so for those I used the simple method below.

How to find multiple missing photos in Lightroom3

  1. First you need to select the Collection that holds the missing located files. Your Collections are located on the left hand side of the screen within the Lightroom Navigation Panel.
  2. Now select all photos within the Collection by simply clicking ‘Edit’ within your tool bar (located at the top of the screen) and ‘select all’. This will highlight all photographs in the Library before searching.
  3. With your collection and all of the photos within the collection now selected simply click on ‘Library’ (top of the screen) and selected ‘Find Missing Photos’. A pop up will appear and now simply select the folder the images are now located in and Lightroom will do the rest. It will even tell you it has not brought over any duplicates should some of the selected files not be missing.

I hope this helps and keep enjoying Lightroom 3, it rocks!.