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Ensuring your career thrives not just survives COVID 


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Sunday 29th November at 11 am

Creating more income, progression and passion

During this webinar I will share...

The Fast track to Closing Career GAP's

Using a 4 stage tool we will establish...

  • Where you are in your career today
  • What your ultimate career looks like  
  • Why those goals are important to you
  • ​The capabilities needed to close the GAP

Bonus Content 

I will introduce the importance of natural abilities and how they can be implemented into a unique strategy, that enabled me to go from an under utilised junior executive, to the MD of a multi million pound organisation doing what I love. 

Creating a COVID Career Strategy 

Ensuring you have an internal strategy to increase your value to the company & an external strategy in place should you need to transition. 

 Unlocking Your Super Power

How to recognise and apply your natural abilities to the core of what you do, increasing your results

 Career Changing Strategy

I will intro my high growth strategy, that took me from junior Exec to MD in 10 years and use it to achieve your goals

A short introduction to me... Ben Stirling

My Career Story 

In the market crash of 2007, my property business and everything that I had built up with it, also crashed. I had to start again at ground zero, in a new company, in a new industry. 

This sudden change in lifestyle, meant I became obsessed in figuring out how I could reach the level of earning and seniority I had in my own company, but by working for an organisation.

I set about studying the greatest minds in business, finance and career development. What I learnt is there was a formula to progressions and so I created a strategy, to transform my career.

In the 9th year following the crash, I became MD of a multi-million-pound, international organisation and now in an effort to save people  time and avoid common failures; I share back my learning!

Join me LIVE and learn how to achieve more...

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